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Early Preschool 


We provide a balance of self-discovery and teacher direction.  Your child is guided in making the important transition from individual to group play.  We focus on sharing, social skills, self-expression and creative expression which lasts a lifetime.



We offer activities that expand your child’s academic, social, and emotional development.  Through a literacy curriculum, preschoolers learn how to express themselves verbally through fun activities with an emphasis on conversation and phonetics.


We help your child eagerly stretch his or her understanding of academics, art, Spanish, computers, physical fitness, and cooking. Students will take turns, solve problems, respect differences, and resolve conflicts-preparing for a successful elementary experience.

School Age

We assist our after schooler’s with their homework, offer tutoring if needed, ending the day with fun activities thus allowing you more time to enjoy your evenings together.


Fall Semester CoVid  Program


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